You haven’t been able to miss this seductive ad that’s been hovering on YouTube for several days, and for good reason : Trainer Battle is an app that’s as fantastic as it is Strange. Born in the biggest of silences, its breathtaking trailers have been flooding the streaming platform for several days. There are dazzling Pokémon fights, spectacular graphics and, above all, a mode of play that is close to the world of Sacha and her friends. A promotion that has obviously attracted the eye of many curious people, including me, surprised not to have heard of it.


On my reserve, but as a big fan of the saga of the little creatures, I installed the app and I was as taken aback as I was surprised. Therefore, we note that the game is not official, at least in its relation to the initial franchise and Nintendo. Some ads boast, for example, of more than a million players, but a simple check will disprove that idea since, at the time of writing, “only” 100,000 people had installed the application.


It is here that the whole paradox of a very particular game is inscribed, even its communication. The YouTube commercials show spectacular fights between Dracaufeu and Florizarre while the few screenshots on the download times admit only vaguely recognizable Pokémon shadows, while are put forward other monsters that definitely have nothing to do with the saga.

To sum up: there were hundreds of Pokémon plagiarisms, based on the principle of evolution. But now we have to make a game that seems to integrate the pocket monsters of Nintendo, you can getting a full review on the endless trainer hack, without really assuming it. In short, the doubt is present, but impossible not to download.


And while the loading screens pursue in this paradox by revealing to me an aesthetically distant universe of Pokémon, that was not my surprise to the vision of a professor named Chen who offered me a … Salameche. Well, from that point on, we understand that this is a copy of the game that, to avoid problems with the Japanese firm, created a parallel universe.


A copy, yes, but a copy that’s definitely hot. We’re entering a very, very successful RPG universe. Well more successful than Pokémon. Understand: enhancements using objects collected during the fights or offered by NPCs. We also get a very interactive world, the interface of which briefly recalls that of Dofus. The fights are, as teased, very successful and for a smartphone game, one could only very hardly hope better…

All in all, the moral is difficult to discern : once the disappointment of seeing the Nintendo logo appear, we let ourselves be enchanted by a game that, under the guise of formalization, could be very successful. But right now, we’re just taking advantage of the fact that he’s still alive. If he hasn’t made much noise yet, the eyes of the Japanese giant should soon be on this world that will surely not leave him indifferent.


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